REET Mathematics Notes PDF in Hindi {Level 1 & Level 2} Free Download

Topic Wise REET Mathematics Subject Notes PDF in Hindi – candidate can download REET exam notes topic wise of mathematics subject for both levels i.e. level 1 & level 2. Notes were prepared by Mr Sandeep Muwal {Senior Faculty at Chirawa Rajasthan} & SMC Online Education Group Jaipur.

REET exam will be conducted on 07 February 2016.  Candidates are preparing for this examination. Math’s notes will beneficial for those candidates who will select science & mathematics subjects in REET exam. We are publishing these notes in PDF format so you can download and read offline also.

REET Mathematics Notes PDF Download Free by SMC Education

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REET Maths Notes

Topic Name  Notes in Detail Download PDF
Circle  वृत्त  Maths Area SMC Education Maths Circle 
Algebra बीजगणित  Maths Algebra Constant SMC Education
Partnership  Maths partnetrship SMC Education
Factors गुणख़ंड  Maths Factors – SMC Education
Profit & Loss लाभ हानि  Maths Profit & Loss SMC Education
Percentage प्रतिशत  Maths Percentage SMC Education
Simple Interest साधारण ब्याज  Maths Simple Instrest SMC Education
Compound Interest चक्रवृद्धि ब्याज  Maths Compound Interest SMC Education
Area क्षेत्रफल  Maths Area SMC Education
Equations समीकरण  Maths Edquations SMC Education
Line & Angles रेखा और कोण  Maths Geometry – Line & Angle SMC Education
Triangles त्रिभुज  Maths Gerometry Triangle SMC Education
Powers घातांक  Maths Powers SMC Education
Square & Square Roots वर्ग  Maths Squre & Squreroot SMC Education
Cube & Cube Roots घन  Maths Cube & Cuberoot SMC Education
Ratio & Proportion अनुपात एवं समानुपात  Maths Ratio & perporation SMC Education
Quadrilaterals  Maths Quadrilaterals SMC Education
Statics Maths Statics SMC Education


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